Dux Bellorum game two - report

Following on from the photos, and before I forget too much, here is a brief report of the battle fought last night.

I took a Saxon army of a unit of warrior companions and a unit of noble warriors fighting alongside six units of ordinary warriors. The remaining points went on a unit of javelin armed skirmishes and a veteran upgrade for the unit of nobles. This left my warlord with just the regular 6 leadership points.

Laurence opted for a Romano-Brotish force with plenty of horsemen. His comitatus companions were mounted and flanked by two unit of noble riders. Further cavalry support came in the shape of two units of ordinary riders.
The foot component of the army consisted of three ordinary shield walls and two units of skirmishes; one with bows, the other with slings.

The battlefield was fairly open with a hill on the centre and a bog off to one side of this.

Laurence's plan was to push his infantry onto the hill while his noble and companion cavalry threatened my right and his ordinary riders rode around the bog to threaten my left and rear. In general this worked but he allowed his nobles to stand around for several turns while the rest of the army manoevered. This gave me time to push units into the bog and for my right flank to realign to face the noble cavalry with my own companions and three units of warriors. My veteran nobles and two units of warriors engaged the shield wall on the hill- a mighty task.

The battle swayed both ways. On my right I was able to catch some of Lau's ordinary riders in the flank with a unit of warriors erupting from the bog which slowed this flaking move. In the centre we fought each other to a standstill on the hill, each side outflanking the other. On my right the warriors traded blows with the British nobility. In the end the resilience of the Saxons was just enough and unit after unit of the enemy crumbled until the army's morale have way. In the end only the British warlord remained in the fight, still battling away with sword and spear.

I had only lost two units of warriors but this doesn't tell the whole tale as many of my surviving units were very much on their last legs and the result could easily have been reversed.



  1. Thanks Steve for a good AAR !!!

    best regards dalauppror

  2. wotcha mr steve, inspired by your lovely toys I have based up some LR/Arfurian Romano Mr Brittas chaps I did eons ago. Also dug out some very early saxon chaps mit der bucklers that I had painted erm....ok, ok three years ago. Now I think I am right in saying there's no real need for the Wabesque LSM combo per unit other than to make it look shexy. Also is the mighty leader on the now de riguer round MDF base just for "mekkin things look preteh mi duck?" The quote in the original saxon dialect.

  3. Hey Steve,

    I sent you an email but not sure if you got it.

    I'm unfortunately getting out of the hobby and wondered if you wanted any of my AWI or any of my other periods?

    It would really help me out! Let me know. CHeers



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