Roman WIP

Hi all

This week I have been mostly working on some Caesarian Romans pulled out of the lead pile in the garage. These need the flesh finishing off, some Matt varnish and their shields attaching, but they seem to be coming along OK.

This is a resurrection of a very old project. The shields were painted not long after the range was initially released by Wargames Foundry.

The plan is to produce a couple of bases of armoured legionaries with blue shields and 4-6 bases of unarmoured ones. These can then be combined with the red-shielded ones and numidians into a big army, or they can fight each other in a little civil war. I'll probably get some A&A Spanish at some point to act as allies.

My next stash of bases have arrived so over the weekend these will get a coat of brown fence paint.

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that Wales do over England at Twickenham and my weekend will be complete :-)



  1. Oooo! Those look nice. The shields especially so.

  2. Very very nice Steve. Really like those shields.

  3. Very nice, the guy with his arms crossed seems not to share your hopes for Wales LOL


  4. Hi is that blue Vallejo Andreas Blue?

  5. Hi Robert

    The blue on the clothing is a base of GW Mordian blue, then Vallejo flat blue. This is highlighted by mixing Anita's Acrylics Sand into the flat blue. Everything then had a wash of a mix of GW blue and black washes before re-highlighting.

    The shields were painted the better part of a decade ago but I suspect that GW ultramarines blue would have been the basic colour used.



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