Rebasing a gogo

Hi all. I have had the house to myself this weekend so before the family return I thought I'd pop up some pictures of what I have been up to.

Having decided to turn my back on figure removal as far as possible I have begun to rebase my ancient and dark age armies to be used with rule sets such as Hail Caesar, Impetus and the upcoming Dux Bellorum from Osprey. I have opted for a standard base frontage of 120mm as per Impetus and will adapt other rules to suit.

Firstly I have revamped a chunk of my Late Romans. This has turned a force that was too small for a satisfactory WAB game into something eminently useful for Basic Impetus or DuxB. Five units of heavy foot, two of which will do nicely as elite auxilia palatina, five units of skirmishing archers, some of which can be combined into more formal units of archers and two mounted units, one armoured and one unarmoured:

Next up are the Romano-British. Firstly the force I always think of as Arthur's with a colour scheme of black, white and red shields. These are followed by the core of an opposition force (Vortigern's in my mind) with yellow and blue shields. Naturally they can join forces to fight the Saxon menace...

and now we come on to the Saxons as work-in-progress. I am just waiting for the glue to dry on the patent basing mix (dark earth flock, sand flock, chinchilla sand, polyfilla powder and a touch of static grass) before I glue on patches of static grass. Also in the mix below are some more Romano-British cavalry and there are a couple more bases out of shot. The rebasing has again turned a force too small for much of a WAB game into 2 units of elite and 6 bases of ordinary Saxon warriors, the core of a very handy army for DuxB or Basic Impetus, or a couple of divisions for Hail Caesar.

Lastly I have begun to rebase my Caesarian Romans along the same lines. Below you can see the start of the main battle line and a shot of the general's base (ground work to be finished at a later date). I have four units of legionnaries, two of numidian imitation legion, two of numidian light horse and one of Gallic cavalry. I have now had to order some more bases before I can turn to the unit of Spanish foot and all the Greeks...

I'm really chuffed with how these have turned out and it makes to prospect of enlarging the armies less daunting as a unit/base now needs only 3 light cavalry, 5-6 medium/heavy cavalry, 4 foot skirmishers or between 10 and 14 medium/heavy foot. These feel much more manageable as mini projects than the larger units needed for rules like WAB but have more presence on the table than a DBA army would (not that I dislike DBA and it would work with thes bases if I use a bigger table).

Using these bases I can now fight small battles using DuxB or Basic Impetus on a 6x4 table or even on my 5x3 kitchen table if I scale back some of the distances. Larger battles can use Hail Caesar on my 8x4 table in the garage, even if I scale down the moves by a third or so.

Right, off to see what I can get fiinished in the next hour or so.


  1. Very Impressive ! Looking very good !

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Fantastic looking units - what depths of base are you using for each type of unit. I'm thinking of going in this basing style for Medievals.
    Jon M

  3. Very nice! I still play WAB more than anything else, but am thinking I might have a bash at Dux Bellorum so will do some special bases in which to insert individual models. I quite like the idea of a few more models to a base than Dan's recommended 6 infantry/3 cavalry so 120mm wide might be the way to go for me too...

  4. These look sensational Steve - the Impetus style basing gives a wonderful look to modern figures. Well done mate.


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