Quiet Weekend

Not much to report.

  • Scotland seem to have held their own in the first half against France; let's see how things finish.
  • Next 12 Caesarian Romans have some of their base colours blocked in. Hope to finish these this week in 30-60 minute sessions. Won't do anything on Weds as I'm hoping to see Star Wars Ep1 in 3D
  • Been tinkering with ideas for using Dux Bellorum (not even published yet) for earlier Ancient sub-periods
  • Have painted a load of MDF 120mm wide bases with brown fence paint ready for my next basing extravaganza
  • Returned the Romano-British, Saxons and Late Romans to the figure storage facility now their bases are all dried out. Plan to have a game of Dux Bellorum with these a week on Wednesday.
  • Ordered some bits and bobs from Foundry (hellish prices, no) as a sort of birthday present for next month including:
    • 2 x blisters of Late Roman cataphracts
    • 1 x blister of Arthurian mounted command
    • 1 x blister of Caesarian Roman mounted command (Pompey, Caesar, etc)
    • 1 x blister of Caesarian Roman standards/musicians
    • lots of 100mm lances/spears to replenish supplies
    • Hail Caesar Army Lists
  • The figures are mostly to produce new command stands for each army for when I use Hail Caesar or other rules requiring separate commanders. In most cases I'll be happy for sub-commanders to be embedded into units rather than removable - and having to take their chances in combat.
The rest of the weekend has been taken up with birthday celebrations for my youngest daughter's 8th birthday and with getting homework done with both of the girls.

Anyone who hasn't started planning their May weekends, don't forget Partizan in Newark is on the 27th May with the normal array of eye candy and traders.