Marking strength/casualties

I thought I'd put up a photo showing how I'll be recording strength or casualties (depending on the rules used) for my rebased ancient and dark age armies. This is shamelessly pinched from James but it works so well I think it deserves a wider audience.

Each and every base has a spear or javelin towards the rear stuck into the ground at a slight angle to look "natural". This is used to hold casualty rings. The ones in the picture are actually for making Roman Blinds and are available from eBay sellers or Amazon.

In some rules I'll start units with a complement of rings, removing them until the unit has none and routs. In other games I might let casualties accumulate. Overall I prefer this spear/ring method than other types of casualty marker. It also avoids confusion with other markers in games such as disorder in Hail Caesar or Leadership points in Dux Bellorum.

Hope to make more progress with those Romans tonight. After that I might do something different...dark age commanders perhaps or maybe those cataphracts if they arrive tomorrow or Thursday.

Off to see Star Wars Ep I in 3D tomorrow. Looking forward to it greatly.



  1. Really like the idea, and the transparent rings don't shout out



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