Base sizes

A couple of people have asked about the sizes of base I have used in my recent rebasing exploits.

All bases are of 3mm MDF with a 120mm frontage.

Mounted troops are on bases 80mm deep with 5 or 6 figures for proper fightin' cavalry and 3 for skirmishers

Skirmishing foot are on bases 40mm deep with four figures per base. This allows two bases to be combined to give a more substantial open order unit such as an auxiliary bow unit in a Roman army

The remaining foot types are on bases 60mm deep alloeing between 10 and 14 figures depending on manufacturer and the type of "diorama" being created. Hence the Foundry arthurian foot in shieldwall manage to fit in 14 figures in two ordered ranks of 7 but the larger Gripping Beast Saxons in a looser warband formation look fine with 10 or 11 figures.

I haven't dealt with elephants or war macines yet but the best bet seems to put these on 60mm frontages. Where a rule set demands a fixed element width these can then either then be used in pairs or put on 120mm sabot bases.

As with all things I approach this by basing so it looks good and then adapting the rules as necessary - much more satisfying!



  1. Thanks Steve. you base your mini's in a very similar manner to me.


  2. Many thanks Steve - cracking figures.

  3. You have started the basingbug in me...not good;)

    I probably end up rebasing my Kalmar Union War minis again... But i dont think I will go all the way...

    I want to be able to place the units in open order and i a nice column, so I might go for 60mm front and 50 or 60mm depth...

    Best regards dalauppror


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