1809 Campaign: Neustadt Aftermath 21st April

The map above shows the positions of the armies following the battle of Neustadt.

The battle itself was nasty, brutush and short. On the French left Davout was overwhelmed by the Austrian IV Korps, Grenadiers and Cavalry Reserve. Despite some spirited counterattacking, there was little that could be done other than retreat with the few survivirs of his proud veterans.

The right flank fared better and with the arrival of Massena they drove hard into III and VI Korps but failed to inflict a decisive defeat.

Both armies are again licking their woulds but with the imminent arrival of I and II Korps the Austrians would appear to have the upper hand. At this stage I feel that Napoleon would be likely to withdraw in the short-term until more reinforcements could be secured.

3rd Corps (Davout) has almost ceased to exist, however its remaining two infantry divisions and the light cavalry are about to re-join. These will be strengthened by incorporating the Bavarians into a new formation under the command of Davout - if only to spare his blushes. 2nd Corps (Lannes) remains relatively fresh and 4th Corps (Massena) has suffered just a few casulaties but must fall back to a position on a line of supply.

The Austrians now need to rest IV Korps as a matter of urgency and both III and VI Korps are in need of some recovery. The army has secure lines of supply however and are surely buoyed by two victories over the French.

Vienna seems safe, for now...

This was an enjoyable campaign and the map and rules ideas seem sound, so I can replay this in the future, perhaps with some real players!



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