Campaign rules, 1809 etc

Here are some rough rules for using my 1809 campaign map. Feel free to use/adapt/ignore! They are deliberately brief as the purpose of the campaign is to generate tabletop battles.

Campaign Rules

1. Movement

Movement Allowance:
Independent officers are allowed 4MP each turn
Commands consisting of all cavalry are allowed 3MP each turn.
Other commands are allowed 2 MP each turn.
Each turn represents one day.

Movement Costs:
Major road = 1MP
Minor road = 2MP
(all movement must be along roads)

Upon entering a location, (unless all MPs are already exhausted anyway) roll 1d6 to determine if the command halts:
French Cavalry 6+
French 5+
Austrian Cavalry 5+
Austrians 4+
(add one to the roll if the weather is rain/mud/snow/etc)

Forced Marches:
A command may move 1MP further than it usually would by declaring a “forced march”. A command that force marches acquires an attrition marker.

A unit that currently has 1 or more attrition markers may not use forced march.
Independent officers may not use forced march

2. Supply
Supply lines must be drawn from the command to a friendly supply source, using major roads only.
A command that can draw such a line is considered “in supply” and suffers no adverse effects
A command which cannot draw such a line is “out of supply” and acquires an attrition marker.
Independent officers are not affected by supply or attrition

3. Rally
Commands may attempt to rally instead of moving. If the command is in supply it may remove an attrition marker if it rolls 4+ on 1d6.

4. Attrition Markers
Attrition markers are acquired when a command is out of supply, force marches or when a command has engaged in combat.
The effect of attrition markers is determined at the start of a battle, before deployment. For each unit in the command roll 1d6 for each attrition marker currently affecting the command. Each roll of 4+ inflicts a hit marker on the unit before the battle begins.

5. Battle & Marching to the Sound of the Guns

Once two opposing forces attempt to enter the same location a battle may occur. Depending on the sizr of the forces this may be resolved by a dice roll, a tabletop wargame or some other mechanism. If a battle is fought, then forces currently occupying adjacent locations may attempt to reach the battlefield - this will depend upon the nature of the roads, how far units have already marched and whether units have attriton markers.


  1. Great stuff, I shall be examining these in detail ... I may even do a cyberboard version - if you would like a copy let me know.


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