Campaign map, 1809

Apologies for my recent absence from the blogosphere.

I have a few things behind me now and can concentrate on some more personal wargames activities. First up is a slow-burning campaign based on the fighting in Bavaria in April 1809. For this I need a decent map and a bit of playing around with Photoshop Elements and MS-Word gave me the following:
The basic map was produced in PE which I then pasted into a drawing fram in Word. I then added the point-to-point roadmap using Word drawing tools (circle shape and curved connectors). This does not attempt to represent every town, village and road but gives an approximation of where the main routes of march were.

My plan is to kick off from the situation of around April 16th but to allow the Austrians to vary their direction of attack (they can enter from any/all of the orange nodes) and allow the French to deploy as they see fit.

Most of the French & allied Army of Germany begins off map. Davout's corps is north of the Danube and can elect to concentrate at any of the towns between Ingoldstat and Regensburg (inclusive). Lefebvre's 7th Corps [Bavarian] begins on the map and can spread its three divisions as it wants. The remaining components of the AoG arrive from the west via Ingoldstat and Pfaffenhofen according to a schedule based upon their actual arrival times.

At the moment I am just planning this as a solo scenario to generate (a) some battles and (b) some enthusiasm. At the same time as working through it I might even finish painting my Bavarians as I currently only have one Division finished. I also need to get the Wurttemurgers done. The only disappointment is that the Saxon's aren't around at this stage - however if the Austrians do well then there is the possibility of extending the campaign and drawing-in the more widely scattered forces.

I thought the map might be of use to others so feel free to use it if you like. I'll post some guidelines for map movement later on.