Battle of Abensberg 19th April, 14:00

I have managed to get a few turns played, taking this battle up to 14:00 as shown in the map above. Action kicked-off at 6am with the Austrians making a determined effort with VI Korps in particular, supported to its right by V Korps. Initial attacks bore little fruit and resulted in significant casualties for VI Korps in particular. By noon it looked to be going awry for the Austrians.

Concluding that any withdrawal would be difficult in daylight and still hoping that Rosenberg's IV Korps may yet arrive, Charles opted for a final push. Siezing command of V Korps from his brother Louis (Ludwig) he drove forward into Abensberg itself, destroying the French defenders. The assault was supported to the left by VI Korps and the Heavy Cavalry of the reserve while the Grenadiers advanced through the wooded hills to the left. Casualties were high on both sides but as the dust began to settle it was clear that Davout's 3rd Corps had been firmly shoved backwards.

The central and eastern parts of the battlefield were less intense. The Austrian light cavalry is trying to make its presence felt on the left and III Korps is slowly advancing against the hard-pressed Bavarians.

The French would probably be wise to consider possible lines of retreat at the moment. Napoleon, Davout (3rd Corps) and Vandamme (8th Corps) can probably make an escape via Ingoldstadt but Lefebvre (7th Corps) along with the heavy cavalry and the 5th Division of 3rd Corps may find it easier to slip away over the Danube to Kelheim and then retreat westwards. Of course, the Emperor and the Iron Marshal may see things differently and they could try to hang on for Lannes, Oudinot and 2nd Corps...