1809 Campaign, 17th April

...and on to the second day. The maps below should explain events fairly clearly. The engagement between the Bavarian divisions and the advancing Austrians resulted in a rapid collapse of the Bavarian left which fell back on Rohr. As a consequence the other two Divisions were compelled to retreat also, despite putting up a stout defence. These two have now combined at Siegenburg. The first elements of Davout's III Corps are now forming up at Kelheim just a short way to the north, while 2nd, 4th and 8th Corps are due imminently.

Austrian orders remain as before, with the main body heading for Abensburg if it can push aside the Bavarians. French orders will be dependent on their view of the situation which is shown in the map below:

French: Orders for the 18th April:

7th Corps (Bavarian): Hold current positions if practical. Fall back on Abensburg if necessary.

3rd Corps : Divisons at Kelheim to advance to Abensburg and support Bavarians, Divisions due to arrive today will collect at Kelheim with the exception of 2nd HC division and LC2&3 who will march to join other forces at Abensburg. Light cavalry 1 to recce Langquaid.

8th Corps: Advance with all speed to Neustadt to cover right flank of Bavarians.

1st HC Division: March immediately to Abensburg by way of Neustadt to join 2nd HC and place yourself at the disposal of Marshal Davout. Marshal Bessieres is expected tomorrow and he will assume command of a newly-constituted HC reserve subsequent to this.