1809 campaign: 16th April

I ran throught the first day of the campaign. The start positions are as shown on the map below

The following text shows the orders issued and events of the day. Comments on rule mechanisms are given in italics. Initial orders are:
I and II Korps to converge on Regensburg and capture the fortress. (not expected to arrive until 19th)
IV Korps, cross the river at Dingolfing and march via Worth to join main road and head for Eggmuhl
V Korps to force river crossing at Landshut then march on Abensburg via Pfeffenhausen
III Korps to cross at Landshut then march on Abensburg via Rottenburg
VI Korps to cross at Freising and establish line along road to Abensburg to cover right flank of army.

IR and IIR Korps. Army reserve to follow main body of III and V Korps respectively (expected tomorrow).

Main body of army: III, IV and V Korps along with reserve are intended to form-up at Abensburg
Right wing of army: I and II Korps to capture Regensburg
Left wing of army: VI Korps to secure army flank and warn of enemy approach


VII Corps. 1st and 2nd Divisions to defend crossings at Freising and Landshut. If forced to retreat then the corps is to gather on the position of 3rd Division and defend the line Mainburg-Pfeffenhausen-Rottenburg. Establish strength and position of enemy and report back to HQ via Ingoldstat

III Corps. 4th Division to garrison regensburg and hold until further orders. Remainder of Corps is to gather at Kelheim on the Danube.

2nd HC Division. To consider itself attached to III Corps until further ordered.

Other units are en-route

Austrian I and II Korps on the march towards Regensburg from the north. Regensburg being held by St.Hilaire's Division (III Corps, 4th Division)

Austrian V Korps engaged Bavarian 2nd Division at Landshut and successfully captured the fortress in an action taking 8 hours. The Bavarians fell back on Rottenburg. V Corps then followed orders and advanced on Pfeffenhausen where it encountered Bavarian 3rd Division.

Austrian III Korps (Accompanied by Archduke Charles) reached Landshut but was unable to move further today (rolled 4+ when entering the location). Expect IR and IIR Korps to arrive at Landshut tomorrow.

Austrian VI Korps sucessfully pushed the Bavarian 1st Division from Freising, taking just a few hours. The Bavarians fell back and put up a rearguard action at Au but were further pushed back to Mainburg. Evening prevented any further pursuit. The corps left a regiment to guard Freising.

The positions at 11pm are shown below. The Austrians are pushing northwards on a broad front, while Lefebvre's VII Corps has estsablished a new defensive position but is somewhat overstretched.

To determine the delays caused by the Bavarians I assumed that the Autrians would win as they had overwhelming numbers and this was just a case of how long the skirmishes would take. I rolled a d6. This determined how many hour elapsed, with a re-roll for results of 5 or 6 which was added to the first roll. Freising fell quickly on a "2", but Landshut took longer on a "5" and a subsequent "3".

Overnight orders:


I and II Korps. Unchanged: aiming for Regensburg

III Korps. To attack Bavarinas at Rottenburg and march on Abensburg
IV Korps. Unchanged. aiming for Eggmuhl
V Korps. Attack Bavarians at Pfeffenhausen and march on Abensburg
VI Korps. Unchanged. Secure left flank

IR and IIR. Unchanged. to follow III and V Korps towards Abensburg.


III Corps: Unchanged. Collect at Kelheim

VII Corps: delay Austrian advance and if forced back then establish defence at Sigenburg-Abensburg. Attempt to hold Mainburg if possible. Expect reinforcement/support from III Corps

Other corps en-route

Everyone seems to be "in supply" at present apart from IV Korps whose countryside ramble means they will acquire an attrition marker which will need to ne rallied-off at some future point.

Stand by for the 17th!