rules update

I have added some ideas about rallying units that I tried out in the game on Sunday. I have also added the date of the last update to the rules tab on the blog so I won't be making specific blog entries to announce every update!

If anyone out there does try the rules then let me know how you get on.

Tonight at the club I'm going to try a little battle based on Marengo but with some of the Aspern Essling OOB. Should work OK :-)

...and crikey, I have just checked the Picasa album linked to the blog and there are nearly 900 pictures in it!



  1. I am about to start playing Naps for the first time - having studiously avoided them for over 40 years - due to these rules.

    At some time, will you be prepared to expand on your earlier, average, unit dice types for each type of "ability"and show your current take on each nation or nationality?

    Also, while I understand about the line or column stuff, do you plan to make a differential for "Ordre Mixed"?



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