Aspern-Essling postscript

So, did Napoleon escape?

After the show I reflected on how to actually decide the fate of the defeated French. This would depend on whether the bridges over the Danube had been rebuilt. I decided to take the hour of the defeat and try to roll this or below on 2d10 to allow the French engineers to have pulled things out of the bag.

The game effectively ended with the 11am turn, so Napoleon needed 11 or less to escape.

I rolled the dice tonight, scoring a total of 19! It looks as if Napoleon was captured by the Austrians, although knowing the Austrians they probably lost him or let him go...

This victory determination seems a useful way to make the scenario replayable. If the French can hold out until 8pm then they can guaruntee an escape.

A few mods made to the rules.



  1. Enjoyed looking at the game Sunday, just need to pass my personal morale test to carry on painting mine. Yours are truly fantastic. I blame it on 10 year old Irregular castings, will buy Baccus at Derby


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