All ready to go!

OK, then. I'm just about ready for the morning. The troops have been reorganised into an OOB resembling that of Aspern-Essling (somewhat different to the OOB for Wagram) and each base has had a little label printed off, laminated and attached which details which corps and division in belongs to and what dice it rolls for skirmishing, fighting and morale. Hopefully the time spent today will make tomorrow go all the more smoothly. I have also printed out a copy of the current draft of the rules and will no doubt make adjustments during the game tomorrow... I have already made a few tweaks on the rules page attached to the blog. This is very much a dynamic set of rules!

Right ho, just some last minute bits to organise and then try to get some sleep before a 6am start to get to Kelham and set up the tables before I get to set up my game.

If you are travelling down, have a safe journey.


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I wont be able to make it but would have loved to have seen your game.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and Matt. The game looked fantastic.


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