Adventures in Bavaria and Austria

As promised, some photos of recent playtesting.

First are a couple of pictures of Aspern-Essling from about mid way through the battle. The austrian grenadiers and StHilaire's Division of Lannes's corps are hotly engaged north of Essling. Austrian 1st and 2nd columns have yet to make a significant impact on Massenna's defence of Aspern.

Following on, here is my take on Teugn-Hausen, with the action around Dunzling included to give the battle a more "epic feel".

At setup, two divisions of Davout's corps of frenchmen (St Hilaire's and Fraint's) are strung out on the march and find their flanks threatened by Austrian III and IV Korps. Austrian grenadiers are about to arrive at Grub under the command of the Archduke Charles.

1. Overview:

2. Austrians from III Korps have taken the high ground near Teugn while the rest of the Korps assembles in Hausen:

3. Austrian IV Korps form up around Dunzling to meanace Friant's Division:

4. The exposed nature of the french is shown in this head on view of their column stretching back nearly 10km

5, 6. The Austrians start well, moving against Teugn and pushing Friant's rearguard near Dunzling:

7. St Hilaire is reinforced by part of Friant's Division and counterattacks. A significant combat sees two brigades each from III Korps and Friant shattered. Along with further losses inflicted by St Hilaire the III Korps is broken and begins to withdraw.

8. Charles finally brings up the grenadier reserve but too little too late. The French have engineered an escape.



  1. I love the grand scale of 6mm games.

  2. Looks wonderful. Great report and photos.

  3. Certainly gives the right 'feel' to a Napoleonic game. How long did it take to play out?


  4. Hi Gaz.

    Teugn-Hausen played straight through without breaks and photos would have been about an hour. Aspern-Essling more like 2-3 hours to get to a conclusion.

  5. Impressive game, sir. May I ask, who made those buildings?

  6. Mostly Timecast and a few Les Baitements which may not be available any more.


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