War & Conquest

Hi all

Still writing my manuscript - over 60,000 words now and an end in sight. This means I'll soon be able to get back to more painting and gaming than in the last 18 months. No big writing projects after this (for now) but I pen a magazine article or two.

Yesterday I was around at Broom towers and Rob gave me a run down of some of the ideas that are going into his new ancients rules "War & Conquest". What started out way back as a tweak to Warhammer Ancient Battles has morphed into something that has a similar "look" in terms of units and table size but will, I think, give a very different game "feel" and it all sounds rather promising. I'll not give away any of Rob's ideas but overall I think the package will work very well for the aspects of Ancients gaming that I concentrate in with 28mm figures - ancient Greece and the Arthurian "Dark Ages". Look out for these rules sometime in the Autumn!

Right ho, I'm off to the garage to photograph some stuff!



  1. Sounds interesting, I will keep them in mind.

  2. Arthurian Dark Age is my favourite ancients period so this sounds good.


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