Airport, Choppers & Vehicles

Hi all. Two post in one day, how does he do it I hear you ask...

So, here we have the latest additons to the growing 3rd world republic that is my garage. Must think of a witty pun-tastic name for it...

First is the airport. I haven't tried to go for the full runway, etc, but have concentrated on having anough stuff to make for interesting scenarios. We have a car-park, terminal building, control tower, some hard-standing for the local airline's (Plummit Airways) DC-3 and some huts to act as crew messes or whatever.

Most of the buildings are scratch-built from 5mm foamcore, the roof vents are from drinks bottles, the fencing is car repair mesh and the huts are from the Timecast 15mm Vietnam range. The airport buildings have windows made from a flyswatter, allowing for some "interesting" architecture.

I do need to add some signage, posters, etc and I would like to have a red & white stipey pole at the entrance to let cars in and out. For now this will serve as a base of my UN forces.

Next we have the chopper squad. Firepower is provided by a HueyCobra. This is a Battlefront resin model.

some extra shootin' and some load carrying capability comes from Huey "slicks", again resin jobs from Battlefront. Chopper 1 has unfortunatley crashed in order to provide an objective (this is a "crashed" model, not a regular one that I have trodden on).

To liven up the crash site I added a motorbike adapted from a WW2 Peter Pig german one, minus the sidecar:

Fortunately Huey #2 is still airborne for now:

To finish, here are a selection of Peter Pig vehicles.

Two mercedes, one painted in sober black (ambassador, criminal, etc) and the other as a middle-eastern taxi (exotic place this african republic):

Then some Toyata "technicals", two with .50 cal MGs and one with a recoilles rifle and a devil-may-care attitude. The chap with his arms in the air is from the Religious Leader pack:

For when the ambassador wants to show off to his lady friends, he keeps his "classic" car:

Meanwhile the UN have decided that armoured cars are sometimes not enough and have brought in an M48 tank:

Lastly two unimog trucks to haul some beverages...

Very lastly, here are the buildings I received in the Kerr & King boxed set. These are lovely and include the walled garden areas. Only think that needs some work are the roofs, which are somewhat too snug a fit. But 30 seconds witha file sorts this out. The pack also comes with some optional domed roof pieces and the second-stored on the big house is removable eith the option of a single-storey and a larger roof piece.



  1. Good stuff.
    Inspired choice on the fly-swatter: it looks pretty suitable for me.
    Must keep an eye out for one...

  2. Great stuff Steve. I liked the airport - I've been working on one myself (secretly) and may be forced to liberate some of your ideas (if you don't mind that)!


  3. Fab stuff!
    Blown away by the huge amount of buildings you have made :)
    Lovely selection of vehicles there too!

  4. Fantastic stuff, very impressive...I however, have to do 'generic' stuff due to time/life constraints...basically I'm idle...ho hum...:D
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Steve.

  5. Great work. I liked seeing the DC3. Love those planes, that takes me back to younger days.

  6. Very nice - lots of character.


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