The armies assemble

My order from Essex miniatures arrived early on Saturday morning and this meant I could get down to a good session of sorting figures out and gluing them to lolly sticks, ready for painting. I managed to get everything done that I wanted to undercoat and to apply a nice coat of white primer in the afternoon, along with helping the kids with their homework.

I am going for a white undercoat and army painter strong tone to finish, in the hope this will make for a fairly fast production line. As an experiment I have completed the block painting of my Pyrrhic elephants and am now waiting for the army painter to dry over the next few days. This will let me know if the colours O have chosen as the "theme" for the army look OK, or if they are too dark.

The Pyrrhic army is currently intended to have a main colour of burgandy with plenty of yellow bits + pieces and the occasional flash of purple on the commanders. Pturges etc will mainly be in white.

This weekend took me back to my 20s when I lived in Essex and would often pop down to Canvey Island to pick up my Essex miniatures fresh from the mould and spend weekends getting them fit for the table. This is looking like being something of a retro year!

Pics of the elephants next weekend IF they look OK :-)



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

    If I may suggest adding a few quick highlights in the same colour you blocked the base colours in after applying the army painter really improves the results and still does not overly burden the additional painting time.I personally even add a second highlight,but that will add more then just a little to the painting time and so isn't needed to get decent results if time is a major factor.


  2. There's nothing like opening up an order through the post and delving into the box, it's just like when your a kid at Xmas!!
    I live around a 40 minute drive from Canvey Island, me and my pals often drive upto essex minis for a good look, we used to carry on down the road and spend another couple of hours at Cavilier books, now they've moved to Nottingham, damn it!!

  3. Hi Chirstopher

    Yes, I'm sure painting highlights in the original colour will help. I have been a long-time user of washes made from paint/ink/varnish and use a similar approach in these cases


  4. Hi Ray

    Glad you are a kindred spirit. I'm sure Caliver haven't just moved to be closer to me now I live in Notts...

  5. I figured you were familiar with the method,but just thought I'd mention it just in case.
    Looking forward to seeing your results!:-)



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