Partizan Scenario

What ho!

I have been giving some thought to a scenario for Sunday's game at Partizan and have come up with the following "counterfactual" (i.e. made-up "what if") situation:

January 1781.
Following the loss of Charlestown and the capitulation of General Lincoln in the previous year, a new rebel southern army had been formed under Washington's close ally , General Nathaneal Greene. Bringing together the Maryland continentals, the Carolinas militia and light troops under Daniel Morgan and William Washington, Greene conducted a cat and mouse campaign against Cornwallis in the autumn of 1780 before both armies entered winter quarters. As 1781 opened, Greene was made aware that General Horatio Gates "the hero of Sartoga" was intriguing amongst members of congress in an effort so secure the southern command for himself. Realising the need to secure his position, Greene resolved to engage in open battle with the British and took position in the vicinity of Charlotte, NC. The rebel troops were disposed in terrain advantageous to defence and dared Cornwallis to attack...

Essentially this verison of history means that the Battle of Camden never happened and this battle will be an alternate version with similar troops but a different battlefield and a slightly more organised and experienced rebel army.


  1. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. I'll hopefully get to take some pictures of the game too.

    I'll be running the Touching History Naps battle with Paul Darnell so you should pop over and say hello, if I haven't already done so! Perhaps take a few pics for the blogging world?

    See you Sunday.



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