Partizan Game

No photos tonight as I can't summon the energy after a very busy day at Partizan. The game went very well and the Black Powder rules flowed perfectly. The initial British attack caused half the militia to evaporate, however the units that remained proved intransigent and were well supported by some artillery. The von Bose hessians fought a melee that lasted four rounds before the milita fell back in disorder leaving the poor germans shaken and in need of some rallying.

The British flank attack under Colonel Webster proved more successful but experienced sopme slow going through the woods, with successive lines of rebel skirmishers leapfrogging each other in a slow retreat. The loyalist brigade did pretty well, doing at least as well as the bulk of the British regulars.

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the game and a fair few people asking questions. I hope that it has sparked a little more interest in gaming the AWI.

Purchases at the show were limited to some blisters of British in cut-down coats to make the beginnings of the Brigade of Guards.


  1. Hi Steve - thought your game looked really great today - very inspiring. Loved your handiwork on the flags - I am very impressed. I took some photos (before my camera battery ran out) and put them on my blog - hope thats ok with you.



  2. Great to meet you today Steve! If you ever need an opponent, you just need to ask.

    Your game looked fantastic and one which I would have liked to see a bit more of.

    I've uploaded some of the photos I took with the natural light to my blog so feel free to take a look and if you want, you could upload them to your blog (perhaps with a citation and link back to my blog?). I hope that's OK with you.



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