Man's Best Friend

I have completed the first 6 figures for the Lee's Legion Dragoons and have just started on the final six, so hopefully photos will follow at the weekend. The Guards are on hold pending the arrival of my Army Painter which is now in stock and has been sent but will probably arrive tomorrow when everyone is out and will then require a trip into Newark to visit the sorting office!

In the meantime I have painted up this little chap who comes as part of the British Command pack (cut down coats, standing). I'm not really a dog person, but a quick search on line seemd to indicate that he is an american foxhound and so I have attempted to paint an appropriate colour scheme.

At some point he'll make his way onto a command base I expect - or maybe even a base of his own!


  1. Someone has to say it..... you must be barking.....

    Got my coat and heading for the door :O))

    Nice piece of work.


  2. Is he Jupiter or Mars? ;-)
    Like him a lot.


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