Lee's Legion (3)

Here is the more-or-less finished "Light Horse Harry" Lee. I have opted for a green jacket with brown facings, why?

There are no clear indications of what Lee's Legion wore. They were initially part of the 1st Continetal Light Dragoons which wore either brown coats with green facings OR blue coats with red facings OR both (either at the same time or at different stages of the war). Late in the war, or just after, the Legion are known to have worn buff uniforms with green facings. There are contemporary accounts of Lee's dragoons being gonfused with the cavalry of the British Legion and the Queen's Rangers and as both of these wore green coats I have opted to assume (without further evidence) that Lee may have reversed the colours of his original regiment and gone south with green coats faced brown, as shown, bofore again reversing later in the war - or perhaps the coats were reversible!

I'm happy with this approach, but I don't for a moment claim it is 100% accurate or expect anyone else to follow this colour scheme!

Other angles below:


  1. Looks every bit as impressive here as it did on the SDF. He really has come out very well. Great stuff!

    I'd love to see the various layers of washes at different stages Steve- it's always good to learn new/different techniques.

    Maybe one day if you can find the time?


  2. Hi Steve,

    Having read your previous blog entries, it seems you use craft paints for quite a lot of your work.

    My experience with cheap hobby paints hasn't been so good, the coverage not being as solid as Vallejo, for example.

    Given the fact you are using a dark undercoat on the AWI figs, a couple of questions spring to mind.

    Do you thin your paints?

    How many coats does it take to get the solid, brilliant color density exhibited by your 1st Guards.

    Great, inspiring blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Ron. I find that on top of the dark undercoat, the craft paints often need 2 coats to give a base colour, but highlights can then be added with one coat. Where more dense colours are needed I usually use vallejo or GW acrylics. Not all craft paints are alike however, so you need to get to know your personal palette and how to use it.

    Darrell, will do but time is short at the moment. Probably looking at 12 months!

  4. "Darrell, will do but time is short at the moment. Probably looking at 12 months!"


    I know what you mean about time :O)


  5. Wow can i say thats a very well painted figure awesome job you must be pleased with the outcome


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