Lee's Legion (2)

Above are the figures for the light dragoon element of Lee's Legion as described in my earlier post. A few figures have been undercoated before, hence the black bits.

Below are close-ups of "Light Horse Harry" Lee himself:

...and the same figure now I have started painting him!:

I'm not using "dip" on this figure but once th abasics have been done I will use a variety of GW washes and use some other glazes that I'll make myself, before adding highlights.


  1. Interesting stuff Steve. The conversions are simple yet effective that's for sure.

    I'm going to be watching how you progress with painting the chap on the hoss- takes me back to the days of my "Just Add Water" blog and the "Darren Harding Method".

    Seriously though, I have tried dip (mainly to knock colours back)and found it to be quite unwieldly and certainly unforgiving. There's nothing wrong with washes in my book and I look forward to seeing the results.


  2. Hi Darrell. I'll see how the dip goes. I'm trying on the guards first as they "have it all" - while waistcoats, redcoats, etc so if it works for them it should work for most troops. If it proves too unwieldy (and I see where you are coming from) I will try cutting it down with some yacht varnish or something similar to reduce the intensity of the end effect. I have been using washes and glazes as part of my standard repertoire for a while now so I'm optimisitic I can make it work one way or the other!


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