Club night game

We played a fun game of AWI Blackpowder at the club last night. I made up a scenario on the fly, using an 8 x 6 table with lots of woods and a farm and fenced fields across the centre of the board.

The British had the following:
23rd, 33rd, 1/71st, Light Infantry and von Bose Musketeers,
all with the following stats: Large, 8/4/3+/4: Ferocious Charge, Elite, Steady, First Fire
British Legion Dragoons: 6/1/4+/3: Marauders
Hessian Jagers: 3/2/3+/2: Elite, steady, sharp shooters
RA 6pdr section: 1/3.2.1/4+/2 range 48"
RA 3pdr section: 1/3.2.1/4+/2 range 36"
(everyone can skirmish)

Colonel Webster (8) took the 23rd, 33rd, Lights and the 3pdr section, Leslie (8) took the rest and Cornwallis (9) was in command

The Americans had
General Greene (9)
Continental Brigade, Gen Howard (9):
3 battalions of Maryland infantry, each: 6/3/4+/3: First Fire
2 sections of 6 pdr artillery: 1/3.2.1/4+/2 rage 48"

Virginia militia Brigade, Gen Stevens (7)
3 battalions of militia, each: 4/3/5+/3: Wavering
1 rifle battalion, each: SMALL 3/2/5+/2
1 cavalry unit: SMALL 4/2/5+/2

Carolina militia Brigade, Gen Caswell (7)
units as above

The Americans deployed their continentals in the centre and one militia brigade on each flank. The British formed a line of battle and attempted to advance; the plan being somewhat frustrated by some poor dice rolling that saw a lot of inaction compounded by Webster's brigade taking a blundering move to the right (let's do the Timewarp, yeah) in front of Leslie's men. Meanwhile the light infantry had move up to the militia and done some real damage, but with no support they became isolated and eventually accumulated too much damage and routed.

The British did finally pull themselves together, but not before the 23rd Fusiliers had also become exposed and were routed and the Legion cavalry charged a smaller unit of American cavalry that was already shaken and STILL contrived to lose the combat at flee the field... Eventually though the von Bose Musketeers drove in the American militia on one flank before turning to wrap up the line just as the 71st arrived in front. The final turn before we packed up saw the continental infantry routed by some very shot-up British.

Pretty close to the real battles of the AWI in fact.

I deliberately kept the scenario simple as the players were either quite or totally new to Black Powder. I would normally rate Webster as a 9 and was probably too generous to Greene and Howard, but it all seemed to work. We now just need to train Laurence to roll LOW for orders and HIGH for firing/combat/break-tests and not the other way around!

I did take a few snaps so hopefully I'll post these and some Partizan pics tonight.