Club night game Pictures

Here we go with a few snaps taken during last night's game. Above the cavalry of Pulaski's Legion watch as the 33rd foot turn to face them. This small cavalry unit, outnumbered and shaken would later repulse an attack by the British Legion dragoons.

Below is a shot of the British battleline a few turns into the game. The 33rd and Pulaski's cavalry can be seen at top left.
Next, a view of the American centre, with continentals holding the fileds and militia in support. In the far distance we can see the British Light Infantry beginning to get themselves isolated:

Below is a view along the American line from their right. This is later in the game and the 2nd Maryland have become disordered, as shown by the red fluffy ball:

Another view of the British, somewhat stalled:

A closer view of the British lines. The Legion cavalry supporting the 1st/71st with the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers further to the fron and Royal Artillery looking on:

Towards the end of the game, the musketry of the 33rd supported by 3 pounder artillery proved too much for the 1st Maryland, who broke shortly after:

...and to the right, the 71st took on the 3rd Maryland and overwhelmed them while the von Bose Musketeers can be seen sweeping around the American rear:

A good game overall!


  1. Your models and tables are just so very nice!


  2. Looks like a really enjoyable game and the terrain looks very impressive as always!

    You have quite an impressive collection of AWI too.


  3. "A good game overall!"

    I have to agree - the terrain is fantastic...


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