1st Guards (1)

Right, fresh start. I have a couple of projects on and I am trying to give each one about an hour every night in the week and then see what I can get done at the weekends too.

One project is painting up some new AWI stuff with the aim being to add units suitable for the southern campaigns of 1780-81, so lots of scruffiness and floppy hats. The current unit is the 1st battalion of the Guards brigade - a composite of men provided by each company of the King's Footguard regiments. I am opting to use standing/firing figures for each of the two battalions while using charging figures when I get round to doing the guards grenadiers.

I therefore spent some time in the garage with five blisters of Perry figures and a couple of files, removing flash. I have used the British infantry in cut-down coats and have two blisters of firing line, two of standing and the command (standing ) blister. The last comes with two standard bearers and the Guardfs do not seem to have used standards so I took these otherwise useless figures and gave each one a musket to hold in his open hand - using stuff I have stashed in a useful AWI "bits box". The muskets originally came from a Foudry Horde deal of French Revolution figures, that has also provided some of my AWI militia.

All 30 of the figures, plus a dog, have been glued to little rectangles of card with some PVA glue ready for undercoating with chocolate brown paint - may favoured undercoat for most AWI figures.