Terrain workshop - trees

Hi all, progress on those trees today. Above is a shot of the basic tree with the addition of some rubberised horsehair to fill out the shape. This was guled on with PVA.

Below is the same tree after the additon of sisal "moss" from a hanging basket liner (thanks "Battlegames"). This was glued on with spray glue after first trimming the horsehair with scissors. Once this is dry (may have to seal the tacky glue with varnish/sealer) I will trim the sisal before adding Woodland Scenics turf to give the foliage effect.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice looking trees. Trunks are particularly realistic!

    Check out my blog for AWI progress: http://blackpowdergaming.blogspot.com/

    Got my hovels buildings by the way! Never painted resin before - do they need cleaning and priming etc before painting? Any other tips? You could always email me this if you so wish.


  2. Hi Eddie

    Good looking blog you have there!

    Resin buildings SHOULD be given a quick wash with a mild detergent (i.e. a bit of washing up liquid in a bowl of water) and then left to dry thoroughly. I often forget and just put on a spray primer and seldom have any problems.

    Otherwise, may main advice is to adopt a relaxed style to painting buildings and do NOT try to apply the same standards as you do to figures - or you'll never finish. A lot of my painting is done with a 3/4 inch paintbrush and fine detail with a size 7 hobby brush. A chisel-edged brush can be helpful. Use lots of drybrushing and washes.

    For brick, I paint light brown then apply a rosewood colour woodstain, then drybrush with a light yellow/orange.

    I normally stick buildings to a 4mm MDF base before undrcoating and painting.


  3. Where did you buy your rubberized horsehair?


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