Terrain Workshop 6th June

A quick update on progress.

First, I have added a picket fence to the brick house I painted up last week. This sets the model off nicely and will help it to sit in its landscape.Here is the next terrain board in progress, a "straight" river with an inset area for the watermill to sit on:
...and lastly, some pictures of some very experimental trees. These are made from both real twigs AND florists wire for a combination effect. These will get a coat of PVA/Polfilla tomorrow and we'll see how they look.


  1. Lovely work.

    It's a shame the first photo isn't clickable. It's odd that the first photo on all of your posts isn't 'clickable'.


  2. I agree, but it seems to be something about Blogger at the moment. Although I don't change the order of uploaded pictures, moving the first one down b a line to make way for a line of text seems to break its link to the gallery.

    To be honest though, I don't think there is much more to be seen from a close-up of the first picture on this post.


  3. Steve
    The trees look really sharp. Is that regular masking tape you are applying to the trees?


  4. Hi Chad

    Yes, just cheap masking tape.


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