More work on the house

More progress tonight as I was to knackered after work to take my stuff to the club. The house has had the following work done:
1. More foam has been used to enlarge the brick foundation of the annexe and this has been sealed with acrylic paint to protect it if I use a spray undercoat
2. The roof has been tiled with thin card and attched to the annexe
3. Smooth polyfilla has been used to blend the new roof into the existing one
4. I have abandoned the covered store concept and it just wasn't looking right
5. The resin fences left over from the Hovels livery stable have been cannibalised to add some edging to the base

More views below:

Tomorrow I'll finish the groundwork with sand, add some barrels etc and get the whole thing ready for its undercoat. The boards used to edge the new gable end will have their ends trimmed so the finish horizontaly rather than vertically.

I have also titivated some old vignettes with the same static grass as I have used on the AWI scenery.
First is the French "military advisors" - these are SYW Prussian officers from the old foundry range sculpted by Mark Copplesone, with a cunningly painted Perry/Foundry uniformed militia figure doing double time as a french infantryman.

Next are a couple of fine wenches to staff the inn. The left hand figure is from the WestWinf gothic horror range (Headless Horseman villagers) and the other is from the very old Foundry French Revolution range.

And lastly a cart (always useful). In this case a redoubt cart and a horse & holder from an AWI butterfly gun.



  1. I just got caught up on your recent AWI-themed postings. Really terrific, inspirational work! I look forward to reading more.



  2. Really like these vignettes! I would find some of these very useful for my own campaign.

  3. Smashing stuff Steve and if I may say so outragously prolific!

    Can we expect to see this game at Partizan in September?


  4. Hi Darrell

    Yes, hopefully an 8x6 table crammed full of terrain loveliness :-)


  5. I agree with AD great blog and look forward to more postings. I am now following your blog.


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