Converting the next house

This is the next house on the workbench. It is the Hovels model of the house from Guiney Station (where Stonewall Jackson passed away). I am adding a small workshop annexe to this, leading to a covered outdoor store which will be filled with barrels, etc. Ignore the colours, the whole shebang will be repainted after construction is complete.

I started by gluing the model to a base of 4mm MDF of about 20cm x 24cm,
enough to accomodate the structures but without too much excess space left hanging around.

The annexe is constructed from 5mm thick foamcore, the wall height being 5cm, the length of the annexe is 5cm and the width is 5.5 cm. The apex of the annexe roof is 8cm, giving a gable end of about 45 degrees.

The photo below shows the construction of the workshop annexe. Windows are made from chopped up fly-swatter, framed with matchsticks and the overlapping boards made from thin card. The windows, card, etc were stuck to each wall BEFORE assembly. This allows any bits of card that "stick out" to be trimmed with scissors before putting the building together. The bottom 7-8 mm of each wall has had the top layer of card cut from the foamcore to expose the foam, into which a brick/stone texture has been embossed with a biro to match the resin model.

The next stage will be to tidy up the corners of the building with more matchsticks - including where the annexe joins the main building. After this I'll make a roof to cover the annexe and reach out to the two posts to form the covered store area. The roof over the annexe will be covered in "tiles" of thin card, but the part over the store will be treated to look like a tar roof.

Gaming tomorrow night - Charlotte scenario again.



  1. I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! Be sure to feign impressed sounds when I finally get round to posting my amateurish efforts,



  2. Thanks for the update - these sort of 'in progress' posts are the most useful for fellow gamers.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished building.



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