Courthouse almost finished

There is still some tidying up to do, but here is the almost finished model of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. I'm not sure about the yellow door, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the result.

There is space for troops to be places in the marketplace under the building, or the building can be used without the pillars.

Approximate dimensions are as follows:

Length: 19cm
Depth: 14cm
Wall height: 5cm
Roof apex from bottom of wall: 10cm

Pillar height: 4cm

As well a the courthouse I have also tarted up a "Hovels" livery stable by adding some bits and pieces to help it fit in with the other AWI buildings. Construction is about done, so I'll get some paint on it tomorrow.

Don't forget, it is Partizan on Sunday at Kelham Hall near Newark, Notts (UK, not New Jersey). I'll be generally helping around the show and playing the 1930s Abysinia game. See you there!


  1. Steve! How will we know what you look like?


  2. Ask anyone in a Newark Irregulars T-shirt!


  3. Nice work - indistinguishable from the Hovels...

    Enjoy Partizan...


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