Terrain Workshop III

Some progress. Here some grenadiers form up behind one of my scratch-built fences. All made with lolly sticks, matches and a little aquarium gravel.This shot shows the fences again, this time around one of the corn-fields.
This shot shows a better view of the completed tiles. I need to make a lot more fences.
...and another shot, showing a small village set among crop fields and woods. It will benefit from more fences, but I think it is starting to look quite evocative of the AWI.



  1. that jus looks amazing some of the best terrian i've ever seen

  2. That just looks amazing i would have to say some of the best looking terria i've ever seen

  3. Great looking terrain, as you say, very evocative of how I imagine a AWI battlefield to look. Inspiration for my Guilford court house project in 10mm. Nice use of the under rated Hovels buildings as well.

    All the Best


  4. That looks really great Steve - just how I imagine the terrain ought to look.



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