Terrain Workshop II

Some tiles that I have almost finished. They just need some extra flock etc:

Some free-standing cornfields:
A fourth board that I have just started:

Lastly, some buildings that I have re-painted or finished-off. Some of these have been hanging around for a good few years:
1. Grand Manner AWI tavern
2. Grand Manner AWI house:

3. Hovels colonial church

4. Hovels colonial house:

That's all for now.


  1. Steve,

    Good to see some pics of what you're working on- what craft acrylic colours are you using to get that particular finish on the terrain?


  2. Hi Darrell

    I'm using the following:

    Rustic Brown fence paint from Cuprinol
    A green fence paint from B&Q
    Stone coloured masonry paint (textured)
    A tube of raw umber acrylic (big tube from a cheapo bookshop)

    These are use neat and in various mixes. Nothing more flash has been needed so far!

    The tops of the grainfields are drybrushed with a bit of very cheap yellow acrylic craft paint.


  3. Steve,

    Excellent, excellent, excellent - as usual.

    Great stuff, mate.

    All the best,


  4. Thanks Steve,

    I was looking at a few of the Dulux mix in the store test colours that are available. I guess I could use these as they will mix with one another too.

    Anyway, I haven't got the space to make anything at the moment as the garage is full to bursting point, though it's good to know for the future.


  5. they all just look amazing from the fields to the houses, would love to see how you make the corn fields

  6. Hi Galpy

    The cornfields are simply cut from a cheap doormat, using a sharp stanley knife.

    They are then glued to a terrain board or a piece of MDF (for free-standing fields) using a hot glue gun. The edges are blended into the board/base with filler which is later brushed over with a sand/paint mix.

    After this has all dried, the painting starts! The corn isn't actually painted as such, I just "yellowed" up the tops with a quick dry-brush.


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