Plans for 2010

Hi all

I have been a bot of a slack bunny on the internet front over the festive period, but I am slowly thawing out and planning my wargaming activities for 2010. It is odd that I was getting more painting done while I was also studying but since I finished my course I seem to also have less "free" time?! I guess all that stuff about displacement activity is true. Work is often the same; the more I have piled up, the more I get done. This time last year I was getting the figures and terrin done for Wagram, keeping workplace diaries, preparaing case studies to present, writing essays, etc. Now nothing for a couple of months! Time to get back in the race methinks.

Current projects in mind/on the go are:

1. Continue with the 6mm Waterloo project, in particular the step-by-step painting of british infantry for Pete Berry at Baccus. I am about half-way through this laborious process, but ground to a halt in November.

2. A writing project (and I'd like to do some articles for the wargames press if I get the time)

3. Lots of Black Powder games, mainly AWI stuff as that is what I have figures for and it is my favourite period. I have no urges to embark on 28mm Napoleonics. This might result in a demo game at Partizan or The Other Partizan. I might even be tempted to make this a participation game, so I'd welcome comments on what others think of this and what type of game they'd like to have a go at.

4. In anticipation of BP:ECW I'd like to get some more of my small mountain of perry ECW figures painted. I currently have 2 pike and shot units done, one cannon and enough cavalry for one smallish unit. I have unpainted stuff to round out a small army (3-4 foot, 4 cavalry and 1 dragoon unit along with an extra cannon).

5. Continue with my re-working of the ancients collection for impetus, or adapted BP. The latter appeals as it deals with different unit sizes, although I think the C&C is more suited to later armies so might need a tweak (or simply use just 1-2 generals a side to represent the inferior command structures). The big impetus bases would work fine, as I'm not bothered about formations for ancient gaming - I'm happy to assume that troops form into suitable "blocks" before enagaging in combat.

That is probably enough for "big" projects in the coming months. As you can see, I have been heavily influenced by Black Powder, which seems to fit precisely what I want to get out of a game. I honestly think that this is the most significant set of rules since DBA. [other opinions are available]. This is something that takes me back, as I remember reading a review of the "new" DBA in Miniature Wargames during a lecture at university (I was multitasking, honestly). This was nearly 20 years ago, blimey!

James and I have decided against putting anything on at Salute this year. He has a new baby at home and I don't have any particular urge to lug a big game all the way to London. Hopefully this makes it more likely that we will put games on at the Partizan shows, and I hope to get to York in February. It is nice to go to a show where you are neither working or running a demo game, but simply a "punter". See for details of the York show and for the Partizan shows near Newark.

Hope everyone out there had a good Christmas and New Year and that the weather isn't proving too burdensome - keep safe!



  1. i'd like to see more awi on the blog please steve

  2. Should see you at York Steve.

    I've been packing ready for my move to Durham and I'm simply astounded at just how much unpainted, and indeed painted, lead that I have that I will never use! I'll be flogging most of it at Vappa with any luck.



  3. I'm looking forward to your step-by-step painting guide - any idea when you are going to finish it?

    And did you get any further with your 1809 campaign which you started last year?


  4. Sounds good!
    Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your great Waterloo 6mm stuff - very inspirational.

    Phill G


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