Black Powder Open Day

I haf a great day yesterday at the BP open day at Melstrom Games in Mansfield, hosted by Warlord Games.

I chatted to Rick Priestley about the rules, caught up with Paul and John from Warlord and played through the zulu war scenario from the book twice (once from each side). As with my AWI experiments, the games were fast and fun, and the zulu war "felt" sufficiently different from the AWI to show how mixing and matching the options on the book can be used to tailor the rules to different periods. The napoleonic game that the Perrys brought looked stunning.

The atmosphere all day was brilliant and everyone seemed to have a good time, roll on the next open day.

While recommending rules is a very subjective thing, I can say that BP gives me exactly what I am looking for in a tactical horse and musket game, and I'll be sticking with it. Initially this will be for the AWI, but I wouldn't rule out a small SYW imagination project sometime in the future...


  1. No piccies :0(



  2. Just had a look at the rules via the Warlord site and some pics of a games in Michael and Alan's great gaming room. I like the idea of not being conformed/constrained by points armies and what appears to be the free-flowing but dice-dictated randomness of the game. Posting anything about what Rick had to say about the rules, battle reports from playing them etc etc? Interested in what you think of them.


  3. sounds like a good rule set.

    are we going to be able to see any more progress on your alternative ECW figures?


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