Partizan reminder

Just a memory nudge that next Sunday (6th Sept) is "The Other Partizan" at Kelham Hall, near Newark:

Not the largest wargames show, but possibly the most perfectly formed!

I'll be there helping James run his Italo-Abyssinian game and generally wandering about helping at the show, please stop by and say hello. As I'm not running a game of my own I should have more time for chatting.



  1. Unfortunately I wont be able to go this year even if I could get a lift with one of our grimsby wargamers. I'm actually in Bradford at the time having gone to Bingley Music Live the day before. Actually still not posted my pics of the May Partizan as my blog is a little behind.

  2. See you there! I have no idea what you look like though so I probably wont say hi!

  3. Consul: Find the Abyssinian game and ask for Steve...

    Or find anyone in a staff T-shirt and ask for Steve...

  4. Ok! Although I may be a bit too shy, but we'll see!

  5. I'll be there and will say hello. Any pre-show hints on particularly interesting demo games?



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