First British infantry base

A brief hiatus to my blogging last week, while I completed some coursework. I'm back on track now and have spent the last few days putting together my first base of British infantry for the Waterloo 1815 project: This base contains the 30th and 33rd foot, along with a rogue company of riflemen who don't really belong there. The figures are all from the Baccus range and are an absolute joy to paint, with their crisp detail. The bases they are cast on are much thinner than the old range making it easier to chop strips up and to base them. I have already ordered a few more and am about to undercoat the figures for the 1st Footguards.

In the background I still have the long-term project of rebasing my 28mm ancients for Impetus.



  1. Looking bloody good again, Steve. I've just got some Baccus EIR through for a Warmaster army I think they're great and quite large compared to other 6mms I've encountered.
    All the best,

  2. I find myself checking this blog several times a week in anticipation of more great work! That British base is superb. Roughly how long does it take you to paint and finish a base like that?

    Keep those pics coming :-)


  3. Hi Lee

    I reckon it takes about 4 hours per base.


  4. This looks great.
    I especially like the way you have the riflemen skirmishing at the front of the unit (my own bugbear is separate units of riflemen pwning the entire battlefield!)

  5. Hi Steve,Ive been following your progress regarding your british naps,and i must confess youve got me hooked and im going to do my own.I was just wondering where you get all your info from and what rules you use,ie what regts go together on the same base and uniform colours etc.What size bases do you use.Any or all help recieved will be greatly appreciated.
    Oh and what form of black magic do you use to paint them with.


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