The pot-pourri of projects continues. I planned a small ECW project a couple of years ago and invested in some Perry miniatures and a couple of bags of mounted command figures from Old Glory. Below is my second unit of royalist foot. These were actually painted 3-4 years ago and have been stuck in the box awaiting the basing being finished. I have always struggled for rules for the ECW, but my Impetus projects have led me to the renaissance expansion - Basic Baroque and this seems to fit my bill OK. Units will have a "big" 180mm frontage with units composed of 3x60mm stands, but I'm only planning to do small armies anyway (famous last words) of around 4 foot and 4 horse units per side plus some addtitional dragoons, artillery etc. I'm aiming for early war, so my royalists have a 1:1 ratio between the pikes (centre stand, 10 figures) and the shot (flanking stands, 5 figures each). Other units with have a 1:2 ratio (7 figures per stand)

I also have a small artillery piece finished:
Hope you like these!



  1. That cannon is really well done - how did you do the wood effect?
    Kudos on being able to do multiple
    scales and multiple periods so well too

  2. The wood effect was just a painted wood-grain followed by a brown ink wash, I think.

  3. I am keenly interested in this project. I have been following the development of Basic Baroque for a while, with the intent of using them for the ECW. I had seen on the BB forum some questions/amendments regarding some changes to the rules to provide the right feel for ECW warfare. I was waiting to see the rules develop a bit more before I took the plunge right in to it.

  4. Very nice units! I'm currently working on ECW in 40mm and have found Clarence Henderson's "Victory Without Quarter" rules really fun. The basing looks a lot like the approach you have taken with your units. He also works with 25mm stuff.



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