Back to 1809

While the paint was drying on my crusaders I slipped down to the club last night and took the 6mm napoleonics out for a spin. The scenario was somewhat ad-hoc with the situation based loosely on Quatre Bras but with two Austrian corps acting in the French role and a mix of French forces acting as Wellington and his allies, the whole thing being set in 1809.
Here is the situation at the start. Marmont's Army of Dalmatia is holding a long line with one brigade in the left hand woods, one in the right hand woods and two brigades in the centre (one holding the village in the middle of the table represented by the granary.
Against the defenders was pitched the Austrian I and II Korps, taking the right and left of the advance respectively.
I'll not go into details as this was just a gentle run-out to settle back into my home-grown rules and part fo this process saw me hampering the austrians by forgetting restrictions on unit rallying that undoubtedly favoured the defender. This meant that the Austrians failed to make sufficient inroads by the time the Army of Italy arrived under Eugene and eventually the Imperial Guard arrived in the early twilight. The situation close to the end is shown below:

The game was fun, despite the forgotten rules and a fresh look at the mechanisms is always useful. I'm thinking of allowing attackers who fail in combat to be able to force a second round if the take an additional disruption point. It isn't a necessary addition, but it might be an interesting gamble and it does what rules should do - encourgae the player to make decisions about his resources.


  1. I like your new addition to the rules... reminds me of something I read recently in regard to another set of rules that semed to be pip-based: all combat was decided at the end of a turn. However, if the player whose turn it was expended an additional pip the combat could be resolved at the moment of contact.

    Best, Sean.

  2. Hi Sean,

    I think Polemos napoleonics allows you to resolve a combat out of sequence by expending tempo points.

    My idea differs from this in that combat would be in sequence but the player could opt to push a little harder for an increased risk.

    The out of sequence idea also has good points too!



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