Arthurian Impetus (1)

Here is my first finished base for my Impetus arthurian collection. I have re-based 6 of my arthurian heavy cavalry, including the head honcho himself on a 120mm x 80mm base. I made ned flags for this unit, as the previous ones were verging on the ridiculously large! Overall I am very pleased with the effect. The base is VERY heavy however and I think I'll limit the number of such bases with so much lead on them. Other heavy cavalry will probably have 5 figures, and lighter cavalry 4.



  1. WOW!!!.. you've just made my mind up for me.I'm having a change from the norm and looking at purchasing a Early Crusaders in 28mm,and i was unsure as to base for WAB or Impetus as some of the 28mm Impetus I've seen I've not like the look of, but those look absolutely great.

  2. Hi Steve, great stuff here.
    I want the pic of those Arthurians in the Impetus supplement that will cover them!

  3. Thanks!

    I'll get round to rebasing some more arthurians soon, honest!


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