Salute 2009 - Game Report

Well, that was an enjoyable day in the end, if a bit tiring. I set off at 5am and got down to Excel in about 2 hours. Unloading went smoothly once a trolley was available and the rest of our small crew arrived.

The game was set-up quite quickly, the terrin boards looking good overall. The first photos show the initial deployment, at approximately 4pm on the first day of Wagram:

1. The view from the South-East2. The view from the South, with Aspern to the left and Essling to the right. Lobau island is on the bottom right of the picture
3. A closer view of Lobau and the bridges
4. A view of the Danube and the Geminde Au close to Aspern
5. A view of the battlefield from the North-West. The Austrian reserve are in the foreground, coming off the high-ground to tackle the advancing French:
6. The view from the North East is shown below.

During the day, we played a few turns of the game, but spent most our time talking to interested show-goers about the game, the battle and the joys of 6mm napoleonic gaming. The photos below show the position of the armies going in to day 2 of the battle, which will continue at Partizan.
7. View from the South East. The font-lines are engaged along the Russbach, Oudinot has taken losses in the centre following a rather rash attempt to storm the Austrians by wading across the stream. The french cavalry reserve have positioned themselves in the centre of the battlefield with Marmont's Army of Dalmatia (XI Corps) coming up in column.

8. On the French right, Davout has not yet made a significant move with his infantry, but his light cavalry and Grouchy's dragoons have outflanked the Austrians by forcing the bridges over the Russbach:

9. Looking northwards from the Danube, the battlelines can be seen curving round from the bottom-left (Where austrian VI Korps is advancing on Aspern) right through to Davout in the top-left:

10. West of Wagram, the Austrian reserve heavy cavalry observe the French advance between Wagram (L) and Aderklaa (R). They are supported by the reserve light cavalry.

11. The troops of the Army of Italy advance on Aderklaa:
12. The Saxons of Bernadotte's IX Corps swing westwards to engage the Austrians:
13. Massena's IV corps spreads out to guard Napoleon's left flank:
14. A view along the Russbach from west to east. Oudinot in the foreground with Davout further east:
15. The view from the Wagram heights overlooking Oudinot's advance in the centre. Autrian II Korps is ready for the onslaught and has already dished out punishment to the reckless French:
16. Part of Davout's veteran III corps begins to form up ready to attack in force. A column of Bavarians is moving up behind them:
17. The French reserve cavalry await orders:
18. The Bavarians advance ready to support Oudinot's right wing and advance up the heights to engage II Korps:
19. Meanwhile, Oudinot's right wing prepares to go in again:
20. Another view of the link between Oudinot (L) and Davout (R) with the Bavarians in support:
21. A closer view of Oudinot preparing his troops to storm the bridge and stream:
22. The Austrians observe, confident in their defensive position:
23. Here comes Marmont! The Army of Dalmatia is only the size of one of Davout's divisions, but it might be a critical reserve force:
24. Speaking of Davout's veterans:
25. The Austrian I Korps overlook Deutsch-Wagram:
26. Another view along the front line at about 4am on day 2:
27. ..and the corresponding view down the west flank towards the Danube. The Austrian counterattack is coming in from the right, forcing some hasty re-deployment by the French and Saxons:
28. A final shot of the entire battlefield, from the North East
All in all, a great day. Thans to everyone who made kind comments and showed interest in the game. I'll shortly be putting the latest version of the rules and a copy of the flyer on the paintingshed yahoo group.


  1. Absolutely frikking beautiful. Really, the figures are stunning, and the terrain is beautiful. Thanks so much; that LOOKS like a real battle!

    I wish all the photos were enlargeable!:)

  2. Wow!
    However impressed I've been at the small battles you've posted so far. This looks fantastic. You really get the sweep and scope of a real battle.
    Also, I like what you did with the Corps commanders. Don't look too "floaty" but definitely stand out well on the battlefield.

  3. It was fantastic to see this in the flesh. Incredible attenbtion to detail on the terrain and amazing painting on the figures.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks for the kind comments. It was really fantastic to spend a day sharing my enthusiasm for 6mm napoleonics with interested gamers. Hopefully it has opened up 6mm as a practical possibility for someone out there.

    Almost everyone who we spoke to on the day asked about rules, so I think there really is a need out there for fast play rules that isn't yet met.


  5. I almost hate you...

    I really do!


    I must finish my FPW French before I start Naps, and after seeing such a setup like this.

    I hope Mr Baccus gives you a discount for such an excellent advert for his product!

  6. Not much more I can say really. I went to Salute ,Saw the game on Saturday , and am now smitten by 6mm!!!! Thanks for the chat by the way , and I hope I did not interrupt the game too much. Just purchased some Austrians from Baccus. Your fault.

  7. ...that makes it all feel worthwhile :-)


  8. Steve, loved the display. The field effect is really nice from a distance and the figures were amazing.

    I have plenty of great shots of the board too, so if you want copies just let me know and I can mail them over or post them to flickr.

  9. excellent, i wish i could have been there to see it myself, it really looks like a real battle.

    what more can you ask for?

    6mm is the way forward, without a doubt.

  10. Looks fantastic - roll on Partizan!

  11. What a fabulous achievement, Steve. I am *so* gutted that i didn't have time to take a proper look at, let alone photograph this wonderful game at Salute. But I shall certainly be spending time at your table at Partizan!

  12. Absolutely incredible project. The figures, terrain, the whole package is breath-taking. I'm already a 6mm gamer, but don't have anything near this size done (yet)


  13. Steve,

    I decided at the last moment not to go to Salute this year and of course now I really regret it. The figures and the terrain are fantastic and I would really like to meet you just to chat about 6mm Napoleonics and putting on such a great demo game. Any chance that you could put this game on at Colours this year? I have a collection of 6mm French, Austrians and Russians and would be very interested in contributing my figures (painted by Modartis, not me!) to any demo games you are thinking of putting on in future. Not that you are in need of any help!

    Best regards,

  14. Hi Lyndon

    I'm staging the demo at Partizan at the end of this month. Other than that I have no plans at the moment as I don't usually attend other shows.

    See for show details


  15. Bad times make a good man.


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