Getting there!

Wow, into March already and still lots to do to get the Wagram demo finished.

Over the last week I have painted up 3 more bases of French Legere and now all I have left to complete are 8 bases of French infantry and 6 bases of French artillery. I also re-based the advanced guard of Austria's III Korps as I didn't like the first attempt.

I have begun the task of smartening up the bases on all the troops. The Austrains all have the base edges finished in GW Snakebite leather, while the French will have FolkArt 923 - Clover. I haven;t decided on the French Allies yet, but some kind of blue for Bavaria seems right, alogn with grey for the Saxons. I'm sticking to quite "earthy colours".

I'm using shrubbery to denote troop quality (this saves on rosters or marking the base edges). Shrubs (Woodland scenics clump foliage) are glued to the corners of the base. Raw troops have one, Trained/Line troops have 2 (or none, for economy), Veterans 3, Elite 4 and Guards have all 4 plus some extra adornment.

I have glued together some H&R pontoon bridge sections to begin to make some trestle bridges. Some chopped up matchsticks should finish the job.

All in all, progress is OK. I have undercoated the final French infantry in blue and the first 2 bases-worth have had the basic colours blocked in and a wash of GW Devlan Mud applied.

Finally, I have uploaded the latest working version of my rules to the paintingshed yahoo group.