Final few days

With Salute 2009 less than 2 weeks away, how are things going?

I have block painted and GW washed the figures for the last 2 bases of infantry to complete the French army of Italy.

I have assembled the remaining French artillery pieces and stuck the crews to their lolly sticks ready for a mass artillery undercoat spray tomorrow.

So the plan is:
Inkwash the sand on 2 infantry bases
Undercoat the artillery
Paint the highlights on the last infantry

Drybrush and finish the penultimate 2 infantry bases
Finish highlighting the last infantry
Block-paint & wash the artillery pieces

Base up the last infantry
Highlight the artillery pieces
Block paint & wash the artillery crews

Inkwash the last infantry bases
Highlight the artillery crews

Finish the last infantry bases
Base up the artillery + crews

Finish the basework on the artillery
Add clump foliage etc to the Russbach stream terrain

Following week (Mon-Fri)
Tidy up the base edges and pack each formation for travel to London
Finish off the playsheets for the rules
Print out the flyers and display materials

(Sat) SALUTE! , See you there


  1. Steve,

    I've loved watching your 6mm project grow to completion. Good luck on getting these last few bits completed.
    Really looking forward to seeing it all on display at Salute.


  2. Thanks!

    I'm looking forward to finally seeing it all put together myself :-)

    See you at the show


  3. I hope those of us unable to attend will be treated to a grand revue eventually!

  4. I'll do my best!

    There should be an outing for the game at Partizan

    The diffculty with photos of entire armies as that they don't actually look very good, but I'll keep trying :-)


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