Countdown to Salute - Wednesday

With all of the figures packed away I have now finalised some of the paperwork to support the demonstration game at Salute.

The flyers have been finished and printed

Tonight I will print out colour versions of the flyer to be put in display stands for passers by to read and some A4 posters to go in the remaining stands. I can also print out the player aid charts onto thin card and the rosters for each sides' breakpoints.

I still need to finalise the markers for the on-table commanders. I want these to be clear but unobtrusive, which is a tricky thing to achieve!

I have decided NOT to label the villages etc, for the same reason I don't use unit labels - they create uneccessary clutter without adding to the game. I want the table to be as uncluttered as possible to allow people to enjoy the troops and scenery. Going along this theme I might simply make the commander markers a name only and keep the small number of stats on the rosters.