Countdown to Salute - Thursday

Most of the printed material is now done.

I have printed up markers for the commanders (10 Austrian and 9 French) on business cards and laminated them. They are a bit big, but my plan is to lie them flat on the table with the command figure stand placed on top. It isn't an ideal solution, but I don't want to overthink the problem and the cards I have produced look very nice.

If, on the day, they really look wrong, I can always trim them down with scissors!

Other than that, things seem to be going to plan. One more night to get minor things adjusted and then it all goes into the car on Friday night after work ready for an early start on Saturday.



  1. Best of luck tomorrow - it has been a fascinating project to follow. I'm really looking forward to seeing this at Partizan in the next few months.



  2. Thanks!

    I hope all the effort produces a pretty enough game to grab a bit of attention.



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