Countdown to Salute 2009 - Monday

Here are some quick terrain shots. First is the northern part of the battlefield, showing the Wagram hill with the Russbach stream running around it and off to the east.Below is a close up of the overgrown Russbach stream.
On the day there will be buildings, trees, etc; but this should give some idea of how the terrain will look.

I have finished painting the base edges on both armies and gluing on bushes to indicate each bases' quality rating. All the bases have been put in labelled boxes ready for the trip to London.

I didn't expect to be quite so far ahead!

Tomorrow I'll finish off the flyer and playing-aids ready for printing.



  1. Wow is all I can say. Have been following you all this year (and read last years posts). This is going to be one of those spectacular games. Shame that there is only 24 hours of flight otherwise would be there.

    Any chance of a guide to how you made the board?

    Also painting the French Line.

    Hope all goes well for Salute

  2. Hope it all goes well, Steve. You've certainly put the work in to make it as spectacular as possible! Sorry I can't get over to Salute this year to see it, but sadly, other duties are preventing it!!

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. Sorry neither of you can make it to Salute.

    Andy, I'll be staging the game at one of the Partizans later in the year.

    An earlie blog entry cover the making of the boards (surprisingly simple techniques) and I will get round to a tutorial on painting when I expand the collection to include more of the Army of Italy


  4. I shall look forward to viewing it at Partizan



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