Countdown to Salute 2009 - Friday Part II

One last post before the big day. Here are the finished command bases + markers. I opted to use "sticky fixers" as this was easier than messing about with double-sided tape (and much cheaper!)

This does mean that the commanders "hover" a little, but this does make them easier to pick up

Here is a shot of all of the commanders (including some "spare" French divisional commanders)

A close up of Bellegarde (a bit blurred but never mind)

and lastly, the grand fromage himself, the corsican ogre - Napoleon

These are now all boxed up. Might see you tomorrow?


  1. Well, got to see the game "in the flesh" this afternoon at Salute - and it was absolutely - SUPERB!! Looks even better in reality than it does in the photos here. Many thanks!

    Curiously enough I found myself at the Baccus and Adler stalls soon after... :-)


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