3 weeks to go

Blimey, only three weeks and a day until Salute, and I am away this weekend!

I have figures for two units of veteran French infantry block painted and washed with GW Badab Black. I should be able to finish these by Tuesday night, leaving just four more bases of infantry to complete the army of Italy and 7 artillery batteries. It will be tight, but I think it is still all manageable.

I have drafted a flyer so hopefully I'll have a chance to get some printed, along with some display material to accompany the game. I don;t think there will be time to get any more buildings painted, but I think I can manage with what I have.

Hey ho


  1. Good luck Steve. Can't wait to see the layout at Salute. Trev

  2. Good Luck! Are you taking your game anywhere apart from Salute?

  3. I'll hopefully be putting on a game at Partizan as well as Salute, probably Wagram but maybe Aspern-Essling if things are tighter.

    At Partizan II it would be nice to put on one of the earlier battles if I can get my Bavarians and Wurttemburgers done in time.



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