New Project

As if I wasn;t busy enough, I'm embarking on a little skirmish project based around the current "buzz" period of a hypothetical English Civil War in 1938 following the non-abdication of Edward VIII. The figures above will form a royalist patrol made up of regulars and royalist civilians. I have added armbands to the civilians using greenstuff putty. These will be used to help distinguish factions as it is likely that there will be civilian/militia on both sides.

In my hypothetical world they will be based around the Newark area and will engage their Parliamentarian foes who are based in Grantham.

The figures are by Musketeer from their Irish Wars of Independence range. For the parliamentarians I'm planning on adapting "Black & Tans" from the same range. Rules will be probably based on Necromunda/Mordheim to keep things simple. Now I just need to find some nice model buildings!


  1. Funny I was thinking of doing the same thing in 15mm. Just like you the last thing I need is a new project. Can't wait to see the updates!!!

  2. I've been following the threads on The Gentlemans Wargames Parlour and things are certainly looking interesting Steve.

    I'm going to go for a 1980's style Bishop of Durham type character set in the 30's (obfviously)and the National Union of Mineworkers.

    Should be a lot of fun (as long as the BUF get it in the neck!!!).



  3. Hi Darrell

    I'm less worried about the fascist/communist factions and am happy to keep it to a local clash between supporters of the King and those who want to uphold parliament's view. Keeps it "cleaner" in my mind.



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